Service Overview

At In The Works, we build belonging. In an effort to do that, we offer three main areas of work to the world.


Belonging-Based Facilitation

Unlike other styles of facilitation, at In The Works, we prioritize belonging as an essential part of the process. Ensuring that every body is able to contribute to and benefit from the process. We strive to create the conditions for an equitable power arrangement.


Facilitation Training(s)

In addition to offering Belonging-Based Facilitation to client communities and organizations, we also train facilitators in this and other models of group work. We offer some skills-based trainings on the essentials of facilitation: Listening, Inquiry, Connecting and Belonging.

Additionally, we offer Belonging-Based Facilitation training primarily through ongoing commitment from learners including an initial training with regular follow-up coaching sessions as well as a learning community of facilitators. In 2020, we expect to begin a cohort model of facilitation training.


Well-Tending (AKA Trauma Stewardship)

We offer this service for individuals and collectives on the frontlines of social change work. The groundbreaking work of Laura Ven Dernoot Lipsky, woke many of us up to the need for a different model of organizing, leading and supporting social change work. One that was sustainable, accountable and ethical. In this aspect of our work, we tend to the wellness that is present (no matter how depleted) within individuals and collectives to help them build self-sustaining practices and cultures for the long-haul.